Pidula Manor is located in the western part of the Estonian island of Saaremaa (Ösel), the second-largest island in the Baltic Sea. The distance from Pidula to Kuressaare (Ahrensburg), the island’s capital, is 35 km and it is just a kilometre and half to the nearest shore of the Baltic.

Pidula Manor and the recently restored Administrator’s Lodge (Herberge, 1858) are surrounded by a ten-acre (5 ha) park, created in the 1850s as an arboretum. The most imposing rare tree still standing in the park is the thirteen-stemmed Great Lime (die Grosse Linde, tilea europea) It was planted 150 years ago by Richard von Toll. Actually, only twelve stems remain now, as a rotten branch was removed.

Pidula Park is protected in accordance with the Estonian Nature Conservation Act. Currently, it is a natural park, but the Park Plan foresees the restoration of many paths, installation of illumination and other improvements.